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Sell Us Your Used Books

We Buy Used Books

A book buyer will look at a maximum of one to two bags/boxes at a time. Weekdays are usually better than weekends to sell us your books. We ask that you either wait while we go through your books, or come back within the hour. We do not buy books during the last hour of the day; we also do not buy books in the middle of an event or on extremely busy days so please check out calendar of events.

Please take a moment and read through how we evaluate books before you bring yours in.

A General Rule: the books we like to buy are books we can sell in the store. If you’ve frequented our shelves you should have a pretty good idea of the types of books we take.

Cash and Credit Offerings: We will offer about 20% in cash or 30% in credit of what we can sell the book for.

Condition: We are looking for new and gently used books with very little to no underlining, highlighting, or annotation. Please make sure your books are in clean and sellable condition before bringing them in.

We Do Not Take: Maps, Magazines, Ex-library books, Encyclopedias, Books with Cracked Spines, Time-Life Books, Reader’s Digest, Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, For Dummies Books, Romance or Erotica, Classroom textbooks, books that are dirty, heavily underlined, moldy or falling apart, hardcover books without dust jackets, or books that are irrelevant or outdated.

We Will Always Take Donations

We will take a look at everything else though, and make you an offer based on condition and our need at the time.

Questions? Email the owner, Stephanie Rose, at