M.F. McAuliffe: I’m Afraid of Americans

Set in a majority minority high school just south of Los Angeles in the midst of the Cold War, these vivid stories of students, teachers and support staff catch the 1980s in the act of giving birth to the present.

Join us on Saturday, June 8 at 6:00 PM as we welcome local author M.F. Auliffe to discuss her book I’M AFRAID OF AMERICANS.

Books are available for purchase at Books Around the Corner now and will also be available at the reading and signing. Email info@booksaroundthecorner.com to order a copy.


M.F. McAuliffe’s writing is an invitation to reconsider the in-between moments, the sometimes quiet moments that I too often leave uninvestigated. And once there, once I’m in her stories, the challenges and surprises and heartbreaks and joys that live in these moments are revealed by a remarkable storyteller. McAuliffe’s wit and humor and heart fill the stories that make up I’m Afraid of Americans and Other Stories, and I will be revisiting them from now on.

— Matt Robinson, author, The Horse Latitudes

I’m Afraid of Americans is true. And truth is a concept we are holding onto for dear life, with our teeth, by a string. Everything in these stories is magnificently spot on, like a piece of chocolate or a shot of Coirvoisier, vividness calling us to listen to honesty.

— Leanne Grabel, author, Gold Shoes

I’m afraid of Americans, too. M. F. McAuliffe arrived to a social experiment with no program and no coherent effort at regulation. She, the outsider, writes about it from the ground.

— Douglas Spangle, author, A White Concrete Day

Praise for The Crucifixes and Other Friday Poems

There is elegy and orbiting and sky in your eyes and then there are “The Crucifixes” which leap from the Poet Goddess McAuliffe’s forehead. If this is the last poetry collection on earth, the gods who find it after the apocalypse will think well enough of us, some distant transDanubian blue afternoon, to resuscitate the species from this body of writing.

— Jenny Forrester, author, Narrow RiverWide Sky

M. F. McAuliffe is an Australian writer who has lived in Portland since 1992. She is co-author of the poetry collection Fighting Monsters (Melbourne, 1998 and of the limited edition artist’s book Golems Waiting Redux, which documents the destruction of Portland sculptor Daniel Duford’s experimental installation in downtown Portland in 2002. She has also contributed to The Clarion Awards, Overland, Australian Short Stories, The Adelaide Review, Poezija (Zagreb), and Prairie Schooner. She is also the author of Seattle, a novella (2015), The Crucifixes and Other Friday Poems (2017). In 2002 she co-founded Portland-based, multi-lingual Gobshite Quarterly with R. V. Branham; in 2008 they co-founded Reprobate / GobQ Books. She continues at both imprints as commissioning / contributing editor.