Non-Fiction Book Club

The Books Around the Corner Nonfiction Book Club will be led by a community member and meets monthly on the second Friday of every month at 6PM starting in January. We would like to extend an invitation to all of our nonfiction loving customers (RSVP is not required). This book club will only continue if we have a community leader monthly and at least four members.

Our book discussions aim to bring people together to talk about books in a safe and inviting atmosphere. Our meetings are lovely and inclusive; we invite you to attend. Come and enjoy a lively discussion about the chosen book with other readers.

Join us on January 10th for our first Nonfiction Book Club.

We will discuss Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty.

About the book:
Every day, funeral director Caitlin Doughty receives dozens of questions about death. The best questions come from kids. What would happen to an astronaut’s body if it were pushed out of a space shuttle? Do people poop when they die? Can Grandma have a Viking funeral? In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?, Doughty blends her mortician’s knowledge of the body and the intriguing history behind common misconceptions about corpses to offer factual, hilarious, and candid answers to thirty-five distinctive questions posed by her youngest fans. In her inimitable voice.

Available at a 15% discount to order if you plan on attending the book club.