Attention local businesses or other individuals who may want to support Books Around the Corner. We have come up with a few ways you can help support Books Around the Corner and the events we want to provide to the community.

  1. Sponsor Our Newsletter for a Month ($125 per person/business) MAX TWO PER MONTH
    Our newsletter goes out to over 500 subscribers and is released weekly every Friday. The name and contact information along with your logo would go in the beginning of the newsletter.
  2. Sponsor a Specific Event or Book Club for a Month ($250 per person/business or partner with another business and spolit the cost) MAX TWO PER EVENT
    Our events are are included in our weekly newsletter, promoted on Facebook and Instagram, in store on our community bulletin board, and on a flyer that is given to every customer.
  3. Sponsor a Shelf ($100)
    Your name (or group’s name) will appear on a small plaque on a shelf in our bookshop. An example is included below but ours will be silver. We already have a few on order already!